How To Properly Take Care Of Branded T-Shirts?


As men try to navigate the extremely confusing world of styling branded T-shirts in Pakistan, learning the proper care techniques and tips can be quite hard. This article is an in-depth guide for anyone wondering how they can properly take care of their t-shirts. 

Why Is Proper Maintenance Important?

Knowing how to properly, maintain and clean your premium branded T-shirts, can be very important to make sure they stay usable for a longer period and have the same shine. If you do not properly maintain a branded T-shirt it may become unappealing to look at after some time.

How To Properly Take Care Of  Branded T-shirts?

There are a few tips and tricks that can be used to maintain the shine and integrity of 100% cotton shirts, and the tips are: 

Wash Less

This may seem like an unnecessary tip, but with 100% cotton shirts, washing them too often can ruin the natural fibers. That is why it is essential to wash your cotton shirt less. Wash them only when it is necessary, and try to wear it on special occasions only, so that you have to wash it less. 

Wash And Dry Inside Out

Washing cotton shirts can cause friction and abrasion which can lead to frizziness and piling on the fabric. By washing the shirt inside out, you can prevent any freezing or piling on the outer part of the shirt. Drying your shirt, directly in the sunlight, can cause a lot of the color to be dulled out, and by drying them inside out, the color will be dulled only on the inside.

Wash With Cold Water

We know that most shirts are advised to be washed at higher temperatures, but this is not the case with 100% cotton shirts. Cotton does not like hot temperatures, and can even shrink in extremely hot water. Try washing your dark color T-shirts in completely cold water, but opt for slightly warm water when washing lighter colored shirts. This will prevent any discoloration, or yellow marks in the armpit.

Do Not Use Dryer

While using a tumble dryerI may seem like a convenient option. It is essential to understand that cotton is prone to shrinkage. If it is tumble dried, it is bound to shrink, which can ruin the fitting of the shirt. Instead air dry the shirt, to ensure a crisp and unshrinking cotton shirt. Do note that cotton shirts should not be put in direct sunlight, as they can have discoloration or shrinkage in high temperatures. 

Say No To Hanging T-shirts

Most 100% cotton T-shirts can lose their fitting and get loose if they are hung for a long time. Ideally, they should be folded and laid flat on a surface. However, if you opt for hanging your cotton T-shirts, use a wider hanger, to distribute the wheat more evenly and prevent the fabric from getting overly loose. 

Treat Stains As Soon As Possible

For natural fabrics, liquids that have color in them are extremely dangerous. For fabrics like cotton and linen, they are great at absorbing all sorts of colors. If you get a stain on the shirt, like tomato sauce, treat it immediately by washing it under some warm water. You can use chemical stain removers, but it is essential to understand what it means when the shirts color. Researchers have proven that natural fabrics cannot always get rid of stains completely. 

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