Types Of Shirts Every Man Should Have In His Wardrobe

Types Of Shirts Every Man Should Have In His Wardrobe

In the current world, fashion has become a very important part of both men's and women's lives. Gone are the days when fashion used to be associated with women only. Nowadays men take an equal interest in their styling and dressing.  Everybody wants to appear their best on all the occasions they attend. Different events demand us to dress up differently. It is not possible to wear a white shirt with pants and a coat for a casual hang out with friends. Similarly, it does not make sense if a person chooses to wear jeans and sneakers for an important job interview instead of formal shirts in pakistan Different styling options are available for men that need to be followed by them. With proper guidance and dressing options, every person can master both formal and informal dressing. If you are the kind of person who struggles with deciding the way they should dress, this blog is for you. We are going to share a list of clothing items that every man should have in his wardrobe and when he should wear them. 

1. White Shirt

 The most important out of them all is a white formal shirt  You should always have an ironed white formal shirt hanging in your wardrobe. This shirt is a staple item, important for work meetings and job interviews. The white shirt is always the right choice for formal occasions. You can pair it up with dress pants and a coat. Adding accessories like a pocket square, watch, and sunglasses can complete your look perfectly. A white shirt can make you look like the best person in the room. It is said that when you are looking good you can perform better. Thus buy an aesthetic white formal shirt from Aruba’s fashion to not only rock your look at work but also to be more productive.

2. Office Striped Shirt

 The next item you need in your wardrobe is a striped shirt. A striped shirt is a perfect representation of grace and sophistication. This shirt allows a person to look professional while not making a compromise on his styling and fashion. A striped shirt is perfect for the work environment. It can be paired with white pants and formal footwear. It has the ability to make its wearer look classy. At Aruba’s Fashion, you can find a wide collection of striped shirts at the most reasonable prices. Buy our branded shirt now to look the smartest person at your workplace. Our aesthetic striped shirt would never fail to impress people.

3. Casual Check Shirt

Not all the times we need to dress up formally. Some occasions demand us to look carefree and casual. We want to be appropriately dressed for simple hangouts with our friends. For simple dinners and gatherings, we want to go with something light, breezy, and cheerful. A checked shirt  with jeans and sneakers can be a good call for such relaxed and fun days. At Aruba’s Fashion, you can explore the best casual shirts that can go well for a relaxing time in the summer.

4. Relaxing T-shirt

 T-shirts are another important part of the wardrobe. In countries like Pakistan where summer dominates T-shirts allow people to have a cool and relaxed vibe. The shirts come in varying shades. You can select a t-shirt. Through their prints, color, and textures, T-shirts can reveal a lot about your personality. These shirts are a cool and stylish way of styling yourselves up. Buy T-shirts online from Aruba’s Fashion at the best rates.

5. Summer Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are the most versatile item that can be part of your wardrobe. They can be worn for several occasions. A polo shirt of nice color and fabric possesses enough grace and sophistication you need to style yourself for a work environment during summer. You can also adorn them with sweatpants for a casual get-together with friends and family. In short, a person dressed up in a polo shirt is welcomed everywhere. Thus do not forget to buy these shirts now from a wide collection of Aruba’s Fashion.   

6.  A Must-Have Black Shirt

Lastly, a black shirt should always be hanging in your wardrobe. It contains enough class and grace to make its wearer look the best in a room filled with people. Black is one of the most attractive colors. It goes well with all types of skin tones. Black is a good choice for parties and formal dinners. Adding accessories like a watch and cufflink can further embellish this attractive garment. If you do not already have a black shirt in your collection, get it now from Aruba’s Fashion.

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